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SET (Spoken English Training)

English is the lingua-franca of the present world. One, who has a good command over the language,casts a spell in one’s field. Whether it is the field of engineering, medical, business or else, the knowledge of English has become imperative today.Bearing in mind the importance and ever increasing demand of the language in the present world, Paramount has designed its Speaking courses according to the levels of the students in order to provide them step by step but effective knowledge of the language and enable them to prove themselves in every sphere of life.Paramount offers four types of English learning courses.

  • The SEED- ABC
  • The Sapling- BASIC
  • The Speaking Tree - CRT

THE SEED- ABC: Absolute Beginners’ Course¬:(From the ‘O’ level)

Inside every seed is the potential for an incredible harvest Objective of the Course:

This course has been designed for those students who don’t have even the fundamental knowledge of the English language and face problems in basic sentence formation for fear of the language. The purpose behind ABC is to make them friendly with the language by making them realise the beauty of the language in a play way method and thereby building up their confidence level and absorbing them into main stream.


ABC level course provides the students with the absolute basic level knowledge of the English Language. Here the students are taught the basic sound of the letters and framing the words and sentences thereby using basic grammar rules. They are taught how to use ‘every day basic vocabulary’ in framing the sentences correctly. This level also provides them with the basic practice of speaking by making them speak small sentences based on day to day conversations.

  • Word building
    (People often facing problems with spelling or reading are guided to pick up and familiarise with the general words)
  • Phonetics
    (Training the right sounds and correcting the pronunciation)
  • Sentence framing
    (Teaching the basic nuts and bolts in order to frame accurate sentences)
  • Everyday conversational vocabulary
    (Drilling of frequently used words with the realistic examples help you pick the language )
  • General spoken English sentences
    (Practising the words, phonetics along with framing sentences in daily conversational style)
Outcomes of the Course:

After the successful completion of the course, now the students become aware of the fundamental concepts of the language and are able to frame small but effective sentences and express themselves by using small sentences.

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Grow Confident Objective of the Course:

People usually come with their problems like faltering or fumbling while speaking. They often go blank or fall short of words in public and they aren’t at ease with the language.

Basic level- an activity driven program designed for those students who have the fundamental knowledge of the English language but don’t have command over the basic functional grammar, its correct usages, and specific vocabulary thus are unable to frame effective and correct sentences and feel lack of confidence in expressing themselves in writing and speaking. This level helps students remove hesitation and converse on the basic topics with categorical vocabulary developing their self-assurance.


Here the students are taught functional grammar and its proper usage in the formation of correct and effective sentences by using thematic vocabulary.Besides this, they are taught the effective pronunciation and appropriate accent in their daily conversations.Time to time, confidence building activities are also conducted to make them realise their own potential.

  • Functional grammar
    (A realistic approach towards teaching grammar, not boring or dull, in a way you will fall in love with grammar)
  • Thematic glossary
    (Enrich word power through a unique thematic vocabulary section. Get acquainted with the ways of applying words in a proper frame. Learn to retain words longer through innovative techniques. )
  • Accent training
    (Accent neutralization; gain a real English accent maintaining your own way, not phony or artificial)
  • Conversations
    (Get into day to day real life conversations. Have fun with various conversations with right note and finesse)
  • Confidence Development
    (Partake in a wide variety of activities shaping you up as a gutsy performer. )
Outcomes of the Course:

This interactive program plays a significant role in enabling them to face the audience boldly and confidently in different presentation sessions. Here the students become more friendly with the language and its usage and overcome their fear and inhibition while using the language in expressing themselves and writing during group discussions and different occasions.

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THE PLANT- INTERMEDIATE - Get the knack of natural speaking

“A sapling must be hedged about for protection, but when it becomes a tall plant a hedge would be a hinderance”- Swami Vivekanand Objective of the Course:

This course plays a significant role in making the students aware of different tools of writing and speaking more effectively than what they did in the Basic levels. Here they master their fluency and proper accent during different oral presentation sessions by using latest vocabulary to ornate their English and thus express clearly , readily and easily in a much better manner.This course has been designed in order to equip them with much more effective way of dealing in the language in different occasions.


Here the students are taught different effective and contemporary ways of framing attractive and relevant sentences while expressing themselves in writing and speaking in front of the public during Group discussions, Public speaking, situational conversations like telephonic conversations, dining etiquette and so on. They are provided with latest and effective vocabulary and different fluency production techniques.

  • Fluency production exercises
    (Be a self-starter, Build up a high level of fluency in spoken and written English applying a well- planned methodology)
  • Latest vocabulary
    (Master newly arrived words, start off using specific phraseology expressing exactly you wish to speak without faltering)
  • Dramatizations
    (Dramatizing real life situations help you get natural flow of English, bring up swing in your speaking with ease moreover, learn to vocalize your emotions)
  • Public addressing
    (Exude confidence, stand tall and head held high, be an orator, root out your fear of public speeches with our powerful presentation techniques)
Outcomes of the Course:

After this level, the student becomes confident enough to express himself more effectively in any given situation. As he has already participated in different sessions by now, he is equipped with more effective ways and more powerful vocabulary to use under different circumstances.

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The Speaking Tree - CRT

(CAMPUS RECRUITMENT TRAINING) When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind Objective of the Course:

‘The knowledge and command over the English Language and effective communication skill’ is the need of the recruiters today. Therefore, it becomes very essential for the candidates seeking positions in different MNCs today to possess the same. This level has been designed not only to equip the students with the latest concepts and ways by making them aware of the latest trends in the present campus drives scenario but to train other students also for the higher level of language usage.


In this stage, students are trained to prepare effective resumes, job applications, writing e-mails and present themselves effectively during group discussions, debates, interview sessions etc. by teaching them the ways of overcoming different common errors by using effective vocabulary and effective business correspondence skills to present themselves in the corporate world effectively.

Outcomes of the Course:

This stage enables the students to present themselves effectively in any given circumstances while dealing with the people in different spheres of their life.

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