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Corporate Training


Objective of the Course: In today's corporate world, the knowledge and command over the Communicative English Language is the need of hour. Whether in home or on international platforms, today English has become the lingua franca. Therefore, it becomes very essential for the corporate people to be adept in linguistic skills. Paramount provides its trainees with effective linguistic and communicative tools to enable them to interact effectively in a corporate environment to meet the latest trends in the present corporate scenario.

Methodology: In this 60 hour courses of CEP(Corporate English programme), participants are first tested for their CEK (Common English Knowledge)so that they can be trained according to their levels of the language. The training methodology ensures a balance of activities and exercises to develop language structure according to the corporate world.Special emphasis is laid upon developing effective vocabulary and pronunciation (with voice modulation), preparing effective resumes, job applications, e-mails, group discussions, public speaking, debates, business and professional correspondence, seminars, interview sessions, making attitudinal changes, concentration techniques, inter and intra personal relationship, body language and non-verbal communication, memory management and group dynamics, goal setting etc. to enable them to add an extra feather in their own caps. Both in-house and published materials are used, and teachers provide expert guidance and tools that participants can transfer easily to their everyday work.

Outcomes: "The Corporate English programme uses innovative methods, interactive sessions and group activities which make the training experience interesting and productive. Inputs on presentation skills, email writing, grammar sessions etc. are found to be very useful." This stage enables the students to present themselves effectively in today's fast changing business and corporate world around any given circumstances.